Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Baby “Inherits” Gut Dysbiosis from Mom and How “The Pill” Can Harm Your Future Child’s Health

There are a number of identified triggers of celiac disease including abnormal organisms living in the bowel, sometimes called dysbiosis, low vitamin D status, bottle-fed  infant formula, and being birthed by cesarean section.
What they all have in common is the tendency for dysbiosis. 
Many women already know they get "yeast" when they take the "Pill". Now we have evidence that a baby "inherits" gut dysbiosis from their Mom, if she was on the "pill"

Well, Sarah, The healthy Home economist quotes Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's concerns about the effect of the "Pill" on a woman's body, an effect that can be past on to future children.

According, to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, use of other drugs such as the Pill also cause severe gut dysbiosis.   What’s worse, drug induced gut imbalance is especially intractable and resistant to treatment either with probiotics or diet change.
What does this mean for your future child’s health?   A lot, as it turns out!

Gut Imbalance Reduces Absorption of Nutrients

First of all, gut imbalance brought on through use of The Pill negatively impacts the ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.   As a result, even if a women eats spectacularly well during pregnancy, if she has been taking oral contraceptives for a period of time beforehand, it is highly likely that she and her baby are not reaping the full benefits of all this healthy food as the lack of beneficial flora in her gut preclude this from occurring.
In addition, beneficial flora actively synthesize nutrients including vitamin K, pantothenic acid, folic acid, thiamin (B1), cyanocobalamin (B12), amino acids and others.  In an imbalanced gut, a woman is missing out on the “natural supplementation” that these good flora provide to her and her growing baby.
Not well known is the fact that use of The Pill depletes zinc in the body.  Zinc is called “the intelligence mineral” as it is intimately involved in mental development.   As a result, it is very important for women who have been using oral contraceptives to wait at least 6 months before becoming pregnant to ensure that zinc levels return to normal as low zinc is associated with lowered IQ and birth defects.
It really is quite disturbing to fully realize the very real potential that use of oral contraceptives have to result in nutritional deficiencies!

Read the whole get to the part about gut dysbiosis being past on to the child.
There is hope. Most cases of "Dysbiosis" can be cured with the GAPS diet.


  1. I wish I had known this years ago, it would have saved us a lot of grief, my son had autism. I was on the pill forever due to very painful menstral cramps which it completely controlled. But it turned out undiagnosed Celiac's disease was causing those cramps. A gluten-free diet eliminated female issues.

  2. Dear Mrs Ed.
    So sorry to hear about your problems. You seem like someone who stays abreast of issues in celiac and so you probably already know that celiac is a genetic condition and may be passed on.
    You probably have already tried to find out if your son is celiac.

    All my best wishes to you.
    Dr. B