Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Waffles For Shrove Tuesday by Beyond Celiac

Suzanne at Beyond Celiac has a great waffle recipe. It's a gluten free Paleo recipe (which fits the GAPS diet).

This is a picture of her heirloom waffle iron.

Lots of people will be having pancakes or waffles today. If you are try this recipe. It is good for any day, of course.

To your health

Delivery, Breast Feeding Effect Type of Newborn's Gut Microbiota

Now we have more proof that the gut and the organisms living in it, collectively called the "super organ", is the source of health. Bad gut bugs, bad health.

The mental health issues and symptoms and illness that occur with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity occur from the damaged bowel and the abnormal organisms that live there. 
If you have illness from gluten sensitivity, there are unhealthy organisms growing in the bowel. It is important to heal the gut by eliminating bad organisms in the bowel and encourage healthy probiotics, to become well and ameliorate symptoms especially the ones not related to the bowel.

To heal the gut and restore normal gut microbiota, I suggest a Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet which starves the bad and encourages the healthy gut bacteria.  In practice, it really works.

Scientists are still trying to figure out for sure, how the bad bacteria colonize the bowel of a newborn.There are previous studies that show C/S births, mother taking the birth control pill and formula feeding of infants leads to abnormal gut bacteria. See my article called "Baby inherits gut dysbiosis from Mother.

Here another study reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, February 11, 2013,  confirms infants born by caesarean delivery lacked a group of bacteria common in the stool of infants delivered vaginally, even if they were breastfed. The study suggests how the choice of feeding formula could explain disease - susceptibility later in life. 

One very disturbing finding is the over representation of C. Difficile in the stool of formula fed infants. C. Difficile is linked to asthmas, allergy and mental health issues.

Read an excerpt from CBCNEWS:

"Decisions regarding C-section delivery will influence the development of the infant's gut microbiome, with potential lifelong impact on health," study author Dr. Anita Kozyrskyj, of the University of Alberta said in an email.
It could be that C-section physically prevents newborns from acquiring microbes they would during vaginal births, Kozyrskyj said.
C. difficile bacteria that are associated with infections, allergy and asthma were over represented in infants fed formula.
"Infants born by caesarean delivery are at increased risk of asthma, obesity and Type 1 diabetes, whereas breastfeeding is variably protective against these and other disorders," researchers wrote.
"Our findings are particularly timely given the recent affirmation of the gut microbiota as a "super organ" with diverse roles in health and disease, and the increasing concern over rising cesarean delivery and insufficient exclusive breastfeeding in Canada."

If you have gluten sensitivity, and health problems, even if it is ever so slight, go on a GAPS diet.This diet has been research and successfully used by pioneers like Dr. Haas (1950's), Elaine Gottschall (1970's-2000's) who called it the specific carbohydrate diet. And fine tuned with modern understandings of nutritional sciences by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. There are many imitators.  

That's the start, then find and correct nutritional deficiencies, get your Homocysteine level to 8 or below, and get your vitamin D levels in the anti-viral, anti-cancer range which is over 120 nmol/l. And find and treat auto-immune disorders like hypothyroidism.

To your Health
Dr. Barbara