Monday, June 19, 2017

Is Coconut Oil Deadly? Dr. Wolfson Responds to Recent News Story

Many of you know that I recommend cooking and eating coconut oil, if you are not allergic to it. Always buy the highest quality you can find to avoid the processed versions. Poorly processed coconut oil is not beneficial and comes at a cheaper price. 

Many of you have heard the recent medical news story that coconut oil has saturated fat, more than butter and that it causes heart disease. Well hold on. 

Many studies have shown that saturated fat intake in the diet is not linked to coronary heart disease. In fact in 2010 a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the biggest nutrition journal in the world, looked at over 500,00 people regarding saturated fat and concluded there was no link to coronary heart disease. 

I will have Dr. Wolfson DO, FACC, cardiologist, author of The Paleo Cardiologist, inform you about fats, LDL a test commonly used to assist doctors in prescribing medication, and the role of saturated fats. 

Here is an excerpt: 

Is saturated fat bad for us?

In 2010, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) was published. This is the biggest nutrition journal in the world. They looked at over 500,000 people regarding saturated fat. The conclusion: sat fat is not linked to coronary disease. (1)

Fast forward to 2016. Same journal, more evidence…. Turns out that saturated fat actually LOWERS cardiac risk. (2)

In 2015, the AJCN reported sat fat IS linked to heart disease, unless the sat fat came from fish, dairy, or plants. From those sources of food, sat fat is not an issue. (3)

Here is what the study authors concluded about their results. “It should be acknowledged that other dietary components in the food sources containing SFAs may have played a role in the observed associations, such as refined carbohydrates in pastries or salt in processed foods.” Essentially, it’s the other crap in the food, not the saturated fat, that causes heart disease.

A side note from this 2015 study: The more fat you ate, the lower your heart attack risk and the chance you had of dying. (So much for the low-fat gurus)

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