Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favourite Chocolate Cake recipe from Elana's Pantry

Here is my favourite Chocolate Cake recipe from Elana's Pantry called New German Chocolate cake.

The recipe fits the "Specific Carbohydrate diet"," GAPS "diet and the "Paleo" diet. She says it's a little complicated but you can make it in stages: make the cake the day before, make the icing an hour before you plan on serving it as it has to cool and thicken. If you are serving it for dessert at a dinner party, cool the icing just before serving the main course. It should be ready just when you're ready for dessert. I iced the cake infront of everyone after the main course, just before I served it. Everyone needs a little entertainment.

Just a final note: I never use agave because it is almost 100% fructose, instead I use honey and I adjust the amount by using 3/4 of what is asked for in the recipe.

To your health
Dr. Barbara

german chocolate cake coconut pecan filling chocolate frosting