Friday, March 8, 2013

GAPS Help from Sarabeth at Life is a Palindrome

Now that you have decided to do the GAPS diet or you are looking for some help, here is a great website by Sarabeth at Life is a Palindrome. It will give you some ideas for making menue choices. And time and money saving tips. 

I think everyone who starts GAPS, starts by being completely overwhelmed.......then it gets better.

From Sarabeth:
What We Eat - With Recipes!
Mar 07, 2013

What We Eat Now - With Recipes!
March 2013

When we first started the Specific Carbohydrate/Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet in 2010, I had a bookcase full of vegetarian recipes, a burgeoning career as a vegetarian chef…and not a clue how to cook (let alone eat) a chicken. The only thing I knew how to ferment was sourdough bread. And for many more reasons than the sheer cooking workload, I was completely overwhelmed.

To your Health
Dr. Barbara