Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year, just don't raise a glass of barley based Gluten-free Beer.

All of us who are gluten sensitive just want to have a lifestyle similar to others with delicious food and drink, that is convenient and healthy. And having a glass of "cheer" can be part of that wish.
Those of you who enjoy gluten-free beers have to read this report of an independent lab that tested barley-based gluten-free beer.

Significantly, both barley -based low-gluten beers tested, in which the hordein concentration is reduced (by proprietary processing steps during brewing to reduce the amount of gluten in the final product) had substantial levels of one or more hordein proteins which are a source of gluten.

Australian scientists say they have conducted tests revealing that two commercially available barley-based low gluten beers had substantial levels of one or more hordein proteins.