Friday, June 6, 2014

Methyl Folate for depression

A new research study showed that taking l-methylfolate 
 which is sometimes called folate with an anti-depressant, increased the rate of resolution of depression symptoms with no side effects. They showed that 15 mg of l-5 MTHF or folate a day worked. And how does folate work? Folate helps to make methyl groups, a biochemical entity, which in turn helps to make neurochemicals. If you are the person who has a genetic abnormality called MTHFR single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP's), you will require supplementation with folate ( also called l- 5-MTHF) because you can't get enough folate from food to help run your metabolism to the maximum. Which means you could become depressed. 

Also, two colleagues of mine, evaluated neurochemical status of a group of gluten sensitive people a few years back. Their verbal report to me was that all had low neurochemicals. Pervasive nutritional deficiencies and SNP's could account for this finding in gluten sensitive people. Heal the gut and provide nutrients and digestive enzymes and probiotics. 

Other illnesses  from MTHFR SNP's, that occur when a person is functionally dependent on more folate, and other B vitamins include:
heart disease
high homocysteine
thrombophilia or clotting easily
neurological disorders
psychiatric disorders
infertility, miscarriages, and loss of pregnancy
offspring with congenital abnormalities such as neural tube defects 
pain conditions

The incidence of methylation polymorphism for two common ones c677t and a1298c, in the general population is found to be around 30%. When I looked at the prevalence in a group of  74 people, all with at least one chronic illness,  I found the prevalence to be 76%. 
I use folate to reverse many symptoms and problems.

When people are not well, they can use more folate, balanced with B12. 
Woman of childbearing age should take folate to insure their future choices when it comes to having a family or not, and the health of their future child. 

Folate is safe, there is no known toxicity, and is effective. Avoid folic acid. 

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara