Thursday, November 28, 2013

GI's Announce: Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity: The New Frontier of Gluten Related Disorders

This blog is to inform people of the high rate of Gluten sensitivity a condition that causes severe conditions not just in the bowel, from eating gluten whether they have celiac disease or not. It causes a 400% 
increased risk of dying before age 65 while eating gluten, There was a time, until very recently that gastroenterologists argued that the only condition caused by gluten was celiac disease.
Now, in a review published in Nutrition in September 2013, by 23 world experts in Gastroenterology, including Dr. Fasano, they report on Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and it's links to irritable bowel syndrome, and neuropsychiatric conditions like autism, ALS, ataxia and schizophrenia.

What is particularly interesting is their discussion that specific carbohydrates found in food contribute to the symptoms of IBS. They validating the work of Dr. Haas and Elaine Gottschall, who since the '50's have treated people with a diet eliminating these carbohydrates and Dr. Campbell- McBride has updated it and called it Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet and protocol. These low-fermentable, poorly-absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates do more than give GI symptoms, but also inhibit healing of the bowel, proper growth of microbiota and without a both in good condition, people don't thrive.
If you are gluten sensitive, you need more than a gluten free diet to heal: gluten free, and free of specific carbohydrates (grain and sugar free, and no dairy) for as long as it takes to correct the microbiota of the gut.

Here is the abstract of the review:

Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) was originally described in the 1980s and recently a “re-discovered” disorder characterized by intestinal and extra-intestinal symptoms related to the ingestion of gluten-containing food, in subjects that are not affected with either celiac disease (CD) or wheat allergy (WA). Although NCGS frequency is still unclear, epidemiological data have been generated that can help establishing the magnitude of the problem. Clinical studies further defined the identity of NCGS and its implications in human disease. An overlap between the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and NCGS has been detected, requiring even more stringent diagnostic criteria. Several studies suggested a relationship between NCGS and neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly autism and schizophrenia. The first case reports of NCGS in children have been described. Lack of biomarkers is still a major limitation of clinical studies, making it difficult to differentiate NCGS from other gluten related disorders. Recent studies raised the possibility that, beside gluten, wheat amylase-trypsin inhibitors and low-fermentable, poorly-absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates can contribute to symptoms (at least those related to IBS) experienced by NCGS patients. In this paper we report the major advances and current trends on NCGS.

Download the full article from this link.

To Your Health

Dr. Barbara

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Word From The Gluten Summit's Dr. O'Bryan: Thank You and Keep December 12th for a Follow Up Webinar

Dr. O'Bryan stated: My Godmother’s death certificate said “Hepatocellular Carcinoma” (liver cancer), but it should have said “Hepatocellular Carcinoma secondary to Celiac Disease.” Year after year, her doctor never considered that celiac disease could have been the cause of her mildly elevated liver enzymes. He didn’t know to do so. What might a gluten-free diet have done for her? How much more time might we have had together?

Before she passed she said to me, “Tommy, You tell ‘em,” And I replied, “I will, Aunt Emily. I will.”

I’m on a mandate from my Godmother to prove to the world that we must ask the question, “Could gluten be the cause?” Just ask. That’s all.

115,000 people attended “A Grain of Truth: The Gluten Summit”--the world’s first Gluten Summit. 115,000 now understand the importance of considering gluten as the cause of symptoms early in the evaluation of one’s health. But…

The Gluten Summit is only the beginning of the conversation.

I know this to be true. Know it. Because we cannot simply stop here, satisfied that we’ve done enough. I know that you've watched the interviews and read the transcripts, and that you will take what you’ve learned to your families, patients, friends, doctors, and you will turn that 115,000 into one million, and then one hundred million. Why? Because it is imperative that more people know that a gluten-related disorder could be the cause of their ailments.

I know that you will tell the world your stories because so many of you are already doing just that--from your heartfelt thank you letters, we see that you are the ones changing the world NOW.

We will reduce the 17 years that it typically takes for groundbreaking research to reach patients and practitioners, but it will not be an easy act, and resistance can come from many places:

As frustrating as it may be to deal with those who have placed their fingers in their ears to silence the sound of this important conversation, I know we will persevere. \

“Congratulations, Dr. O’Bryan. In a matter of a few days, the Gluten Summit moved the conversation forward by 5 years.” -The president of a major medical university

We never imagined that in 10 days we’d get the attention of over 100,000 people; it still wonderfully boggles my mind how an important message can leverage technology to quickly reach so many.

I cannot thank my team enough. They, literally, worked around the clock with very little sleep for an entire month. They had Skype open 24/7, text messages blazing back and forth, kick-off calls each morning and spoke on the phone with each other 5-6 times each day to ensure that you got as seamless an experience as they could provide. Thank you. 

To our Sponsors, who accepted the risk of associating themselves with an event that had no precedent: not only were they there at the beginning, but offered even more items for our drawings than we initially anticipated when they recognized that we were moving the needle so tremendously. I know hundreds, if not thousands, of you have personally reached out to thank them. I thank them, too.

And finally, to you, the attendees of the world’s first Gluten Summit--you are pioneers forging a path for the world to understand gluten-related disorders! Your stories shared via comments, emails, Facebook and Twitter kept us all buoyed with energy. You proved to us that we were changing the conversation about health for you, for your parents, for your friends and for your children. So, I cannot thank you enough! 

And, I want you to know…

Our time together has not ended. The conversation has only just begun.

I invite you to continue the conversation on our Facebook page, where you can:
Post the questions on our wall that you’d like to have me address at the “Now That You Know, Where Do You Go?” webinar scheduled for December 12-15, 2013;
Share your stories with others who have been through or who are going through exactly what you are experiencing; 

Stay tuned for information about future summits and follow-up events!

SAVE THE DATE! December 12-15, 2013!
“Now That You Know, Where Do You Go?” Webinar

Now that you have the information from the summit, are you wondering what to do next? My coming webinar from December 12-15, 2013, will address that very question--stay tuned for your free invitation to attend! 

I appreciate each and every one of you.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan
Founder, The Gluten Summit and

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gluten Summit Discount Price On Recordings Ends Tomorrow...You Still Have Time To Get Your Copy!

My mission is to get high quality information about gluten induced disorders to as many people as possible. The Gluten Summit reached a lot of people and there was something it in for everyone.

I don't want you to miss out on an amazing deal offered by the team at the Gluten Summit. Until midnight U.S. EST, Thursday November 21st, you can get the recordings at a discounted price.

The digital downloadable package now $67.00 US will go to $97.00 US and the Library package now $499.00 US will go to $697.00 US.

The Gluten Summit was packed with life- changing information from 29 experts. In either format you can study the interviews: audio with powerpoint presentation at your leisure.Or share it with friends and family when it is more convenient.

The purchasing information is here.

To Your Health

Dr. Barbara
PS I don't have any financial ties to the "Summit" or to any company that sponsored the Summit. Nor to EnteroLab.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

World's First Gluten Summit Ending Today, But Still Time To Register and Buy a Recording

The Gluten Summit has been amazing!

This is what it is all about-  THE EVOLUTION OF BETTER HEALTH as pointed out by Dr. Tom O'Bryan and his group of 29 outstanding speakers.

If you missed this important, and revolutionary summit, which ends today ( and can be heard until 10 am EST tomorrow) you are still able to order the entire 30 hours for your convenience by clicking here.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara

Monday, November 18, 2013

Edible Gluten Free No Cook Play Dough Recipe. Have Some Fun!

This looks like a great EDIBLE gluten free salt free play dough recipe. I'm sure those of you who have children who are gluten sensitive or who have a high risk of having gluten sensitivity (as they have a close relative with the diagnosis of celiac or gluten sensitive) are looking for a recipe like this.  

From, it's "safe for babies and toddlers to taste (NO salt!) and it's also ready in less than three minutes. If you know anyone who's got gluten sensitive kiddos - we think this playdough is AWESOME!

Oh and PS - hidden benefit of being salt-free? Your hands feel awesome, soft, and moisturized after playing with this dough!

To Your Health

Dr. Barbara

Friday, November 15, 2013

Benefits of Chicory and Recipe for Pumpkin and Cranberry Cookies, from Beyond Celiac

To continue on the Thanksgiving theme, here is  a Pumpkin and Cranberry Cookie
recipe from Suzanne  at Beyond Celiac. And the best part is that the sweetener used in it is made from chicory root. The recipe and benefits of chicory are listed below and here. 

Suzanne wrote:I found a new sugar to add to my sugar free list. "Just Like Brown Sugar" is a great substitute for real brown sugar. I found a recipe at

I used Craisins which were pomegranate sweetened with some elderberry syrup and pumpkin seeds.
I wrote about health benefits of chicory in a previous blog so I am glad that this sweetener is made from chicory.
Maria says that she reserves JUST LIKE SUGAR and JUST LIKE BROWN SUGARfor special recipes due to the expense. The cookie was crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Perfect! Just Like Sugar contains no sugar alcohols and does not cause the laxative effect of some of the other sweeteners. It is composed of natural fiber obtained from Chicory Root, Calcium and Vitamin C.


1. CHOLESTEROL: It decreases the levels of serum LDL cholesterol in the blood.
2. INFLAMMATION: It contains vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants.
3. DIABETES: The inulin content is not digestible, so its lack of glucose can help promote optimal blood sugar levels while also increasing stool bulk and consistency.
4. CONSTIPATION: It provides soluble fiber, which improves digestion.
5. GALL BLADDER ISSUES: It builds your body’s resistance to gallstones and liver stones. By increasing the flow of bile, it assists the body in digesting foods and liquids. The extra bile also helps break down fats in the body.

There are more benefits of Chicory root listed at her site. 

Watching what we eat, avoiding grains and their toxic proteins and eating traditional foods made in the traditional way is the foundation of health. Build on that foundation would be the additional nutrient supplements to remedy problems from the environment and polymorphism, those pesky but dangerous variants on gene expression that need more vitamins to express better health. More on that later. 

To Your Health.
Dr. Barbara

Thursday, November 14, 2013

THE WORLD’S FIRST GLUTEN SUMMIT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Today is day four and you can listen to it until 10 am tomorrow. It's Not Too Late to Register

The Gluten summit has something for everyone. 
And it is not too late to register. 

There are a lot more interviews of world class gluten experts, so why don't you register today for free.

Registration and speaker information.

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Dr. Barbara

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day Three of The Gluten Summit- Register Here for Free- Don't Miss It!

Day 3 of the Gluten Free Summit is here. Day 1 and day 2 's interviews were just excellent. You can tune in for free to listen to functional medicine expert, Dr. Mark Hyman MD, Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride who wrote The Gut and Psychology Syndrome , and more.
One of the items he talks about is how grain can contribute to diabetes and other chronic diseases.  How do grains, even rice and other gluten free flour lead to chronic illness? Facts...
  • Two pieces of whole grain bread contains 2 tbsp of sugar
  • Gluten free flour substitutes contribute to diabetes
  • Rice flour is worse for blood sugar than wheat flour
You can access this lecture today for free.  Please share it with your family and loved ones.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The first two days of the Gluten Summit have been exciting, informative and motivating!
This information really can change your life for the better. It will save lives.

There are a lot more interviews of world class gluten experts, so why don't you register today for free.

Registration and speaker information.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara

Celiac Brain's Best Pumpkin Pie Ever!

With the cold weather approaching and the gifts of the harvest on our tables, we sure have lots to be thankful for. 

This time of year, I always make a pumpkin pie for a family dinner, usually Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and this recipe makes the best pumpkin pie ever. Even a person who said pumpkin pie is not their favourite, liked this pie, because the pumpkin taste is a bit milder because of the coconut milk. 

If you don't like it too sweet, I have made it with half the amount of maple syrup and honey and it was very nice too.

Pumpkin Pie (GAPS, Grain free, Dairy free, Paleo)
Serving Size: Makes one 10 inch pie.

Ingredients for pie crust
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
Pinch of salt
1/3 cup of pitted Madjool dates
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
Preheat oven to 450 F and adjust rack to middle position. Line 10 inch springform pan with parchment.
Place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to combine and until the mixture holds together when pressed between your fingers. Press the crust firmly into bottom of the pan.
Bake crust until golden about 10 minutes. Cool.

Ingredients for filling

½ cup honey
¼ cup of maple syrup
¼ tsp. of ground nutmeg
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
1 cup pureed pumpkin
1 Tbsp. organic gelatin (one package)
4 large eggs
2 cups of coconut milk (without carrageenan, sulphites or starches)
Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into baked pie shell. Place pie dish on a large baking sheet in center of oven with ¼ inch of water in it. Bake at 450 F for 15 minutes. Turn oven down to 350 F and bake for an additional 20 minutes until edges of pie are set. Cool to room temperature before serving. Serve alone or with whipped coconut cream ( cool a can of coconut milk, scoop out the thickened cream part and leave the more liquid milk and whip the cream as you would whipping cream). 

Enjoy All year round. 
To Your Health
Dr, Barbara
PS Thank you to my niece Leah, for taking the picture.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Do you want to know more about gluten and how it creates disease? Do you want to learn how to heal from gluten damage?

If you answered yes to both you need to register, free of charge for The Gluten Summit.

I am happy to promote more conversation regarding this hidden and dangerous cause of early illness and early death. This exciting event starts tomorrow, November 11th. To have so many of the cutting edge gluten experts in one place is amazing. You have heard of quite of few of them right here at "celiacbrain". Now hear them interviewed.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan of has gathered 29 of the world’s experts and opinion leaders on the topics of gluten-related disorders, nutrition and healthy living for a series of online interviews taking place for FREE from November 11-17, 2013.

During the summit, you will:
Learn about the latest research on gluten-related disorders;
Understand why we MUST call more attention to them;
Gain improved knowledge of proper diagnosis/treatment methods;
More frequently ask, “Could this health issue be due to gluten?”

The goal of The Gluten Summit is to shift the scientific discussion and clinical recognition of gluten-related disorders forward by five years. Meaning, [Dr. O'Bryan as well as all of us want] the conversation between patients and doctors that will be happening five years from now to happen now.

Time is growing short, the Gluten Summit begins November 11th. If you haven't signed up yet, you still have an opportunity to do so, just follow the link below: 

Registration and Speaker information

To Your Health.
Dr. Barbara


Monday, November 4, 2013

What's Tylenol Doing to Our Minds?- The Atlantic

As you know I am very concerned about mental symptoms and emotional matters and how they pertain to our metabolic processes especially when those metabolic processes are affected by external factors. Most external factors are easy and cheap to avoid there by preventing mental illness of any degree. Gluten and grain toxic polypeptides produce strong negative effects especially to those who are gluten sensitive and can be avoided.

I caution strongly those with gluten sensitivity to avoid chemical exposure because they are more likely to get a worse side effect. You will still get some, but you will lower the toxic load and be more able to tolerate what you do get exposed to. Avoid chemicals: on skin (like chemical washing detergents and commercial makeup and moisturizers), eating, drinking, even medication unless there is a life threatening situation. There are safe natural alternatives for most.  

Here is an interesting article at The Atlantic, reviewing scientific studies showing how acetaminophen causes changes in our perceptions of important life events.
Acetaminophen appears to blunt the same pathways that help with pain and those that seem to moderate existential distress.  Dumbing us down. Scary.

If you are interested in keeping mentally sharp and having good judgement, if you are an artist trying to make a statement, you should know of these possible effects of acetaminophen on your mind. 

To Your Health.
Dr. Barbara