Monday, November 4, 2013

What's Tylenol Doing to Our Minds?- The Atlantic

As you know I am very concerned about mental symptoms and emotional matters and how they pertain to our metabolic processes especially when those metabolic processes are affected by external factors. Most external factors are easy and cheap to avoid there by preventing mental illness of any degree. Gluten and grain toxic polypeptides produce strong negative effects especially to those who are gluten sensitive and can be avoided.

I caution strongly those with gluten sensitivity to avoid chemical exposure because they are more likely to get a worse side effect. You will still get some, but you will lower the toxic load and be more able to tolerate what you do get exposed to. Avoid chemicals: on skin (like chemical washing detergents and commercial makeup and moisturizers), eating, drinking, even medication unless there is a life threatening situation. There are safe natural alternatives for most.  

Here is an interesting article at The Atlantic, reviewing scientific studies showing how acetaminophen causes changes in our perceptions of important life events.
Acetaminophen appears to blunt the same pathways that help with pain and those that seem to moderate existential distress.  Dumbing us down. Scary.

If you are interested in keeping mentally sharp and having good judgement, if you are an artist trying to make a statement, you should know of these possible effects of acetaminophen on your mind. 

To Your Health.
Dr. Barbara