Friday, September 9, 2016

Dangerous Atrazine in Food and Water: Banned in Europe, Common in Canada and the USA- Canadian Physician's for the Environment

For those who are celiac or gluten sensitive I don't recommend eating any grains or sugar. And to drink clean water and eat organic and when your budget is tight chose to buy organic those most contaminated foods. This information is found at Environmental Working Group and they make a list called "the dirty dozen plus", the most contaminated foods which are best to buy as organic. And they have a list of cleaner foods called "the clean fifteen".

Although atrazine, a pesticide, is banned in Europe it is still used in Canada and the USA and is used on many places including on corn, sorghum and sugar crops we all need to know more about it, where it is found and how it can affect us. 

It's most disturbing effect is it's affect as an endocrine disruptor, that is it acts like a sex hormone to make organisms more female and it stops the normal use of your hormones. It is linked to many cancers.

Drinking water is the principal route of exposure for humans since atrazine is seldom found in food and there is little opportunity for inhalation. 

Here is a 11 page backgrounder on atrazine by the Canadian Physician's for the Environment to help inform you and help you make wiser decisions on your choices of food and water. 

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara (TM)