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Fourth percent of newly diagnosed celiac persons already have antibodies to their thyroid glands even if they don't have symptoms. 

I want you to know as much as possible about the cause, manifestations (including infertility), and treatment of thyroid conditions. There is an opportunity to view experts like Dr. David Bronstein at the Thyroid Sessions.

The Thyroid Sessions are put on by Sean Croxton of an internet radio show where he interviews experts focusing on the subjects of real food, functional medicine and holistic health.

The first interview with Dr. Tom O'Bryan on the "Gluten-Thyroid Connection" was very informative and a glimpse of things to come. Get access to the interview with your free registration.

From Sean:


You Have Options!
The frustration and misinformation surrounding thyroid problems needs to stop. An estimated 30 million people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a thyroid disorder — only half have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving proper treatment.

Unfortunately, the real answers are not offered by their medical practitioners and seldom covered by insurance.

That’s why we traveled the country to interview a dozen of the leading functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and real food chefs for a free online screening called The Thyroid Sessions. And you can register today to watch them for FREE!

Our panel of experts will uncover how to properly diagnose, treat, and reverse thyroid problems naturally — using doctor-prescribed drugs as a last resort.

You Will Discover
1.Why your thyroid scores are “normal”, but your symptoms are screaming HYPOTHYROID!
2.The iodine controversy: How to navigate the conflicting information about this critical nutrient.
3.The little-known connection between gluten consumption and autoimmune thyroid disorders...
4.FREE and easy at-home testing for evaluating your thyroid health.
5.Gentle detox therapies for reversing Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
6.How to lose weight when your thyroid is off...or has been removed altogether.
7.Which thyroid medications are best…and which are unsafe.
8.The best foods and supplements for lowering thyroid antibodies, naturally.
9.Secrets for shrinking thyroid nodules that your doc never told you about.
10.Grave’s disease: What to do when your thyroid is OVER-active.
11.Fertility Matters: Preconception and prenatal thyroid support.
12.Why thyroid cancer is becoming more common — especially in women.
..And so much more!

Our hand-picked team of functional medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and health experts reveal how you can regain your energy, lose excess body fat, and heal your thyroid NATURALLY through real food, lifestyle changes, and getting the lab testing you need!
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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Gluten-Thyroid Connection Interview with Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Looks like I have a third interview for you, this time of Dr. Tom O'Bryan on the subject of thyroid disease and it's link to gluten ingestion in the person who is gluten sensitive. 

He explains what the immune system is built of, and the importance of a healthy bowel. Or the presence of a leaky gut with or without celiac disease. (I use the term gluten sensitivity to include both celiac disease and non-celiac disease, as both conditions are induced by gluten and other parts of grains).

The list of foods I think people should avoid to heal the leaky gut, is a lot longer than what he lists. You will find a comprehensive list of foods to avoid to heal at ,Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride's website. For sure stopping gluten from wheat stops the further damage, but, what I have found in practice and in research is that it alone doesn't promote healing. GAPS protocol promotes healing. It is more than a diet.

For those of you who want to learn more about thyroid health from a fine line up of health practitioners including Dr. David Bronstein, there will be a Thyroid Sessions Summit with more info here.

Thanks to Sean Croxton of and Thyroid Sessions for  the link to The Gluten-Thyroid Connection interview with Dr. Tom O'Bryan. It is just 39 minutes and chock full of useful information, including references to published research for those who want to go deeper. 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Don't Miss The Link to Gluten When Affected by an Autoimmune Disorder-Dr. Shoenfeld Interviewed

Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld
We have known that the risk of developing autoimmune disorders in someone with celiac disease is 12 times the normal rate ( Farrell, NEJM 2002). This is such a high risk that one wonders who is left except those with gluten sensitivity/celiac disease to get auto immune diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Lupus or psoriasis. 

Since 2002 the science of autoimmune disorders has exploded. 
According to one of the top ten lead researchers in the world on autoimmune (AI) disorders, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, there are situations that can predict the development of an AI disorder and the lead one is gluten sensitivity. 

And he knows that there are ways to prevent or slow down the onset of an autoimmune disorder and they are all lifestyle stuff:
-stop smoking
-eat a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and no grains
-get some sun
-and supplement with vitamin D and I would add omega 3's.

In the interview which is linked below, he talks about the links between autoimmune disease and how the body attacks itself and why.

And the strong protection of vitamin D. 

Thanks to Dr. Tom O'Bryan, who put on the Gluten Summit last November, Dr. Shoenfeld's interview is available. 

Autoimmune disorders can cause recurrent miscarriages, infertility, pregnancy loss after 12 weeks. Hypo or hyperthyroidism, joint destruction from Rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus arthritis, or rashes, or cerebellar ataxia which shows up as a loss of balance not explained by low B12. Cardiovascular disease is very common. Some psychiatric conditions are considered autoimmune with the classic being PANDAS. And so many other disabling conditions as the body is attacking itself. Usually fuelled by gluten and gluten mimicking proteins in grains, and vitamin D deficiency

Practically speaking, today it can be hard to get the testing done for every possible antibody linked to every AI disorder, but some can be ordered by your doctor.Until it is possible to do these tests routinely, in practice, I assume everyone with a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity is already making antibodies to a handful of their own tissues, as many studies have shown, even before the person has symptoms. 

The remedies are the lifestyle changes listed above and are founded on a good vitamin D level. All these lifestyle recommendations are good for everyone and have been shown to reduce antibody levels in research settings. 

Do not presume just because you are getting sun exposure or you are taking D3, the real thing, that you have the protective blood levels of vitamin D3, which are 100-150 nmol/l (or 40 -60 ng/ml). Get a blood test.

Some resources for vitamin D are The Vitamin D Society and Vitamin D Council which has a newsletter that you can sign up for.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lose The Wheat, Lose The Weight: Interview with Dr. Bill Davis

Thanks to J.J. Virgin for publishing her informative interview with Dr. Bill Davis, cardiologist, author of Wheat Belly, and Wheat Belly Cookbook, and personality, having been on the Dr. Oz show. 
Want to know about the introduction of grains into the human diet about 10,000 years ago, he talks about this. The new wheat's impact of peoples' health, he talks about that. 

Easy to listen to while on the treadmill, doing squats or on the trampoline.

Click on this link:

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