Friday, November 14, 2014

The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain on GMOs, To Speak in Ottawa, Canada, November 22,2014

You are invited to attend the 

Sat Nov 22nd, St Paul U, 9am -5pm 

Featuring Keynote Speakers: 

Dr. Thierry Vrain, ‘The Science of GMO’s’ & 

Mr. Tony Mitra, ‘What You Can Do About GMO’s’ 

who are on the 

Human Health & GE/GMO Cross-Canada Speakers Tour 

New: Local, Organic Lunch Available to Purchase Separately at St Paul U 

$20.00 Keynotes Morning 

& $15.00 Afternoon Panel Discussion 

includes Keynotes, Tom Manley and Experts from COG OSO, COG National, CBAN and COTA 

Win a Free Ticket & T-Shirt by entering the Draw at The Table Restaurant by Nov 18th! 1230 Wellington Rd, Ottawa 

Dr. Thierry Vrain, formerly a head of research science at Agriculture Canada, shares his understanding of why the science behind genetic engineering is flawed -- the assumption that one gene makes one protein has been outdated since 2002 and the actions of foreign proteins in the genome are unpredictable and unknown.

Both his TED talk  "The Gene Revolution" and the interview below are very informative, but just an overview. 

We have proof that there was a 400% increase incidence of gluten sensitivity in those persons who were born around 1930, young service men who donated blood in 1948, blood that was studied by Dr Joseph Murray, Mayo Clinic in 2009. The upswing of the incidence occurred, in North America between 1930 and 1945. As a result of the lifestyle changes such as reduced exposure to "UV B giving" sunlight in daily life,( and the start of global vitamin D deficiency) and serious chemical/environmental changes. 

Vitamin D is the number one protector of the positive reading of genes and low vitamin D influences  "Epigenetics", how genes are expressed. Chemical also change the way genes are expressed. By 1996, most of the population in North America was preprogrammed to be sensitive to any new environmental manipulation.

There are many people blogging and otherwise linking the increased incidence of celiac disease with the introduction of GMOs in 1996. I do believe GMOs with glyphosate, and the use of glyphosate as a "desiccant" contributes to the morbidity, incidence and consequently mortality of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. 

In searching for better health we can only change what we can change!

And we can get more sun exposure and supplement to make sure our vitamin D serum levels are in a health promoting range of 100 -200 nmol/l, or 40-60 ng/ml.

We can lower our exposure to chemicals of all sorts including GMOs. 

Want to learn more about the wider impact GMOs in agriculture, and why all wheat is toxic (and barley, seeds, sugar cane, non organic beets, beans and peas)? Then read todays Healthy Home Economist. Be prepared to cry. Enough said.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara