Friday, March 8, 2013

GAPS Help from Sarabeth at Life is a Palindrome

Now that you have decided to do the GAPS diet or you are looking for some help, here is a great website by Sarabeth at Life is a Palindrome. It will give you some ideas for making menue choices. And time and money saving tips. 

I think everyone who starts GAPS, starts by being completely overwhelmed.......then it gets better.

From Sarabeth:
What We Eat - With Recipes!
Mar 07, 2013

What We Eat Now - With Recipes!
March 2013

When we first started the Specific Carbohydrate/Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet in 2010, I had a bookcase full of vegetarian recipes, a burgeoning career as a vegetarian chef…and not a clue how to cook (let alone eat) a chicken. The only thing I knew how to ferment was sourdough bread. And for many more reasons than the sheer cooking workload, I was completely overwhelmed.

To your Health
Dr. Barbara


  1. Dr. Barbara thank you so much for this site. I also live in Ottawa... I wish I could find a good practitioner who was taking patients. I also suffered a concussion 1.5 years ago, which complicates things. I've been gluten-free & lactose-free for years. I haven't eaten anything processed (or sugar) since mid-October, and after a failed elimination diet under another doctor, I've turned to GAPS. I'm so exhausted, barely working fulltime, and struggling. I'm a bright guy - NSERC scholarship, ECMA music award, etc, so I'm doing research... I'm posting it on If ever you're taking new patients, or know of a good practitioner in Ottawa, I would be extremely thankful.

  2. Dear Brockway,
    I am sorry to hear you are having so much trouble.
    I think you are right to do the GAPS diet and protocol. Start feeding your brain, by healing the bowel. Reduce inflammation.
    I'm sure you have thought outside the box and used some chiropractic care, some craniosacral therapy, possibly osteopathy,and EEG bio-feedback.
    I have sent you a private message.
    All the best to you.
    Dr. Barbara