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Welcome to Celiac Brain: 400% Increased Risk of Death if Undiagnosed

I have been studying Celiac disease and its other 
manifestation, gluten sensitivity since 1995. I have become aware of its hidden and virtually unknown consequences. And it is very common. I am a physician, practicing since 1977, and have seen the devastating effects of celiac/gluten sensitivity first hand. I have seen remarkable turnarounds of very seriously ill persons when they have been on a diet free of gluten.

This site is to spread the word of its serious and dangerous nature to those interested, whether you are a physician, other health care professional, or a person in need of more information.

I propose to bring to you the newest in scientific research, links to other reputable celiac disease/gluten sensitivity websites, and other helpful articles or news items.

The most important finding I would like to impress upon all people comes from Dr. Joseph Murray from the Mayo clinic and that is the 400% increased risk of death by age 65 in undiagnosed persons with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This information highlights the need to get a diagnosis as early as possible to allow you to reverse the damage, if possible.

And to relax, if you don't have genetics.

I push for ALL to get tested and as early in life as possible. With proper diet and treatment, one can "buy back your time!" and extend ones healthy life span by decades. See Dr. Murray's video.

400% increased risk of death by age 65 in undiagnosed celiacs
Dr.Joseph Murray and his team from the Mayo clinic reported on a small but significant study they published in 2009. Not only was there an astronomically elevated death rate, but they noticed that there has been a 400% increase in the incidence of celiac disease since 1948.

Listen to Dr. Murray::

So get tested and find out if you are one of the 40% of people that are susceptible. The best testing, in my opinion, is a genetic test found at www.enterolab.comI don't have any financial benefit from recommending the company. I have found this testing has revolutionized my practice and my ability to help people.

If you find yourself with gluten sensitivity, go on a gluten free diet, or better yet, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet. This diet includes healing foods and nutrients that positively affect the main problems: the damaged bowel and the wrong microbiota, "bugs living in the bowel", malnutrition, poor immune system. 

Untreated celiac or gluten sensitivity leads to increased infections, food allergies of all kinds, epilepsy, rashes, depression, 4 times the rate cancer, inflamed intestines, and 12 times risk of autoimmune diseases like type 1 Diabetes.

To Your Health
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  1. Ii've read the same article from Dr. Mercola about gluten, and what are those food that I can have or eat to obtain a good digestive system. At the same time, I've also read about zinc deficiency at which could help me obtain an optimal immune system.

  2. If you want to improve your digestive system for what ever reason, after you have checked with your doctor and have found no medical problems, than I would suggest a few months of the "Gut and Psychology Syndrome " diet.

    All my best wishes for good health.

  3. Dr. Barbara thank you so much for this site. I also live in Ottawa... I wish I could find a good practitioner who was taking patients. I also suffered a concussion 1.5 years ago, which complicates things. I've been gluten-free & lactose-free for years. I haven't eaten anything processed (or sugar) since mid-October, and after a failed elimination diet under another doctor, I've turned to GAPS. I'm so exhausted, barely working fulltime, and struggling. I'm a bright guy - NSERC scholarship, ECMA music award, etc, so I'm doing research... I'm posting it on If ever you're taking new patients, or know of a good practitioner in Ottawa, I would be extremely thankful.

  4. You posted nice .I am finding more similar post through online .I wanna say with you "Love Human Life" and love brain disorder person .Please keep it up .

  5. Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading.
    Dr. Barbara

  6. Interesting feed today on the internet

    1. Thank you for sharing. Yes, gut bacteria affect anxiety and depression and a host of conditions. That's why the diet is so important. So important, because through the diet, one changes the colonies of gut bacteria.