Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Gut:Brain Connection. Educate Yourself About GMO's Through the Institute for Responsible Technology

IRT brochures have a brand new design.

So many people ask us “what can I do to stop GMOs?” The first thing is always to educate yourself. The next step is to share the information.

IRT’s new brochures are a great way to let others know about the health risks of GMOs and how to avoid them.

Did you know that 1000s of doctors like pediatrician, Michelle Perro, M.D., D. Hom., are now prescribing non-GMO diets for their patients?

As a practicing clinician, Dr. Perro has witnessed the decline of children’s health in the last two decades especially gastrointestinal dysfunction, which often manifested as neurocognitive disorders.

Use our brochures to start a conversation about GMOs.

Available at near cost in small quantities.

Click HERE to order.

Institute for Responsible Technology
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