Monday, December 8, 2014

The Human Microbiome- Important Concepts for Optimal Health, video by National Public Radio- link fixed

I talk a lot about how our microbiota, the living organisms in and on us, protect us from all sorts of illnesses. Research has found that some probiotics protect us from depression, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, C. Difficile, cancer, vaginal discharge, and so many more things. The microbiota can be damaged by lifestyle choices and the newborn's microbiota is mostly determined by it's mother's lifestyle choices.

Watch this entertaining and informative video (5 minutes, 28 seconds) about gut microbes from National Public Radio (NPR). This is a CRITICAL concept if you want to understand how to move toward optimum health.

You have the power to improve your health enormously, one way is  to grown great microbiota. 
The Gut and Psychology Syndrome book is a practical manual to stop the damage and to recover health. 

To Your Health.
Dr. Barbara

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