Monday, July 29, 2013

Good News: Omega-3 Supplements Could Prevent Skin Cancer Study

I recommend for everyone to get some sun exposure, especially in the summer and take some vitamin D supplementation for good health. 
If you are worried about sun exposure giving you skin cancer, there are ways to reduce that risk, and here is a report of one way. This works because it helps to reduce the inflammatory Omega 6/3 ratio closer to the healthy 2/1. In Canada, the average Omega 6/3 ratio is a horrible 10/1. 

BYW you can have your own Omega 6/3 ratio measure with a simple blood test.

Taking a regular dose of omega 3 rich fish oils, can boost skin immunity to sun light, and could help to protect against skin cancer by blocking the sun's ability to suppress immune response. Read more here.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara

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