Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Antibiotics: Immediately Start a course of probiotics, such as HMF Antibiotic Care.

Good health depends on good bacteria in the bowel, sometimes called the microbiota. They do so many healing jobs for us from making a long list of vitamins that we ultimately absorb (and balance our hormones), digest the food and transfers the nutrients to the cells that line the bowel called enterocytes keeping them healthy, control hormones that regulate obesity, compete and inhibit pathological bacteria, stimulate the immune system to kill pathological organisms,  inhibits pathological microorganisms by making an acid environment around 4.2 pH, decrease inflammation, digest and detoxify toxins that we ingest. So many jobs.

So what do you do when you take an antibiotic that rapidly kills those good bacteria which then leaves only those organisms that are resistant to the antibiotics, without competition, so the colonies of bad bacteria grow rapidly and take over? Resulting in inflammation of both the bowel and subsequently the whole body. And C. Difficile overgrowth which causes 2000 deaths a year in the province of Ontario alone. And similar numbers of deaths a year in the province of Quebec.

I recommend, on the same day or ASAP, 3-4 hours after a dose of antibiotic, taking a probiotic supplement that has been researched and proven to be effective to replace healthy bacteria, called HMF Antibiotic Care. It really works. There is no other probiotic as safe, effective as this is. It is developed by Dr. Nigel Plummer and  the whole line of HMF probiotics are the only human derived probiotic available. 

Why are probiotics that are human derived important? Because they prefer human environments, establish easily and start to grow in the gut and remain there except for natural attrition. So every dose grows the healthy colonies. And there is a lot of surface area they have to cover. What about corroborating research?

The Cambridge Probiotic/Antibiotic Clinical Trial revealed that Genestra’s proprietary HMF blend offers proven post-antibiotic replenishment and care by promoting a healthy microflora. The trial was published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents.
“Genestra’s human-derived probiotic strains more easily survive the rigours of the intestinal environment and are more efficient at colonizing the intestinal lining - ultimately yielding greater benefits,” said Dr. Plummer.

Other Lactobacillus acidophilus organisms are grown on dairy mediums because they prefer dairy over humans. So with these one has to use much higher doses, and hope they don't die in their unnatural-to-them environment and more frequent doses to replace what "got up and left". With regular probiotics, it is unlikely to re-establish as much of the gut lining as human derived probiotics leaving more pathological organisms and inflammation. 

We have research from the Mayo clinic  in 2010, that shows the healthier your bowel lining is, the healthier and longer life you will have.

After starting any course of antibiotics, don't wait for diarrhea! Keep your bowel healthy by starting, immediately a course of probiotics, preferably human derived such as HMF Antibiotic Care. Buy it at your health practitioners office or a health food store.

To Your Health
Dr. Barbara


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