Saturday, December 8, 2012

100% Gluten Free Bakery in Ottawa, Canada: Joy of Gluten Free

Last April, I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Phipps at the "Living Well with Gluten Sensitivity Workshop" hosted by Dr. Gerry Heyman, where I was the keynote speaker. I had some of her samples of grain free products and they were excellent.

Susan opened up her shop called The Joy of Gluten Free, February 18th 2012, in Ottawa.The bakery is 100% dedicated to gluten-free which means no cross-contamination. She caters to other food sensitivities too.
The Joy of Gluten Free Bakery and Gourmet Food Shop is located at 250 Greenbank Road, Ottawa. 
She can be reached  at or on Facebook or at 613-907-1252.

With Christmas and the holidays fast approaching, it's time to prepare or buy your favourite baked goods.

To your health.
Dr. B Powell

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