Saturday, March 3, 2012

Welcome to CeliacBrain-400% increased risk of death by age 65 in undiagnosed celiacs

Welcome to CeliacBrain.

I have been studying Celiac disease and its other manifestation, gluten sensitivity since 1995 and I have become aware of its serious, dangerous, hidden and virtually unknown consequences. I am a physician, practising since 1977, and have seen the devastating effects of celiac/gluten sensitivity and I have seen the remarkable turnaround of very seriously ill persons when they have been on a diet free of gluten.

This site is to spread the word of its serious and dangerous nature to those interested whether you are a physician, other health care professional, or a person in need of more information.

I propose to bring to you the newest in scientific research, links to other reputable celiac disease/gluten sensitivity websites, and other helpful articles or news items.

Many of the articles will focus on mental health issues as the brain seems to be the primary target of gluten's effects in the person susceptible to gluten damage.

Here is a video presentation by Dr. Murray from the Mayo clinic. which has stunning information about the shorten life expectancy of those who have gluten sensitivity (including persons with celiac disease) but are undiagnosed.  

400% increased risk of death by age 65 in undiagnosed celiacs 
Dr. Joseph Murray and his team from the Mayo clinic reported on a small but significant study they published in 2009. Not only was there an astronomically elevated death rate, but they noticed that there has been a 400% increase in the incidence of celiac disease since 1948.

Watch and listen to Dr. Murray:

Here is a biography and professional profile of one of North America's most serious researchers in celiac disease.    

Note from Dr. Barbara Powell: all information on these pages is accurate to the best of my knowledge. Information from secondary sources should be double checked before being cited. 


  1. He says we don't know why the rate of CD is increasing. I understand it's because there is more gluten in wheat flour now than there used to be due to genetic engineering.

  2. Dear Sharon, Thanks for writing.

    The average person does eat many times more gluten then in 1940's, maybe 10 times.But that is only a problem in the susceptible person. One becomes susceptible,I believe, by a complex interplay of the increase exposure to environmental toxins, lifestyle changes that trigger celiac disease like bottle feeding, lack of protection of our genes from massive vitamin D deficiency in our population since 1945,(free cod liver oil was stopped in both Canada and the USA at that time) and the elimination of the substantially large amounts of probiotics we used to get from our diets (and what is there is killed off with antibiotics and not replace with healthy bugs). It's a perfect storm. Having expectant mothers take enough vitamin D to have a blood level of 120 Canadian, or 48 American will protect the unborn child's genes and reduce the chance for being susceptible to celiac later. Until a major 'shock' to the system.